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MYTH: I can’t trust a stranger with my money.


FACT: Of course the idea of trusting someone with your cash and personal finance details is a little scary. But it doesn’t mean you should avoid using a financial advisor. It does mean you should do your homework. You want a financial planner who has experience and is trusted and accredited. Look for someone whose core values align with who you are.

MYTH: I’m embarrassed by my past financial mistakes. All a planner is going to do is judge me.


FACT: If you think financial advisors only work with wealthy people who have a perfect track record for amassing cash, guess again. There are very, very few people out there who have immaculate financial histories. Everyone has made a mistake somewhere along the line. The point of financial planning is to move forward, not focus on what’s already been done. We’ll offer our own lessons learned and leave the judging to the courts.


MYTH: I don’t have much money. A financial advisor would probably laugh at me.


FACT: Why hire someone to manage money you don’t have, right? Wrong. That’s actually kind of the point. “Wealth” is relative to your stage of life. Even if you feel like you should have more assets at this point in your life, don’t let your perceived shortcomings stop you from doing something about it today.


MYTH: Finances are personal…I can’t share those intimate details!


FACT: Are you uncomfortable talking about something that many of us have been taught NOT to talk about? You’re not alone. But make sure you’re keeping your audience straight. Talking with a coworker or friend is different than talking to a credentialed professional. Everything we discuss is 100% confidential and our sole goal is to help you move forward. Keeping your financial situation quiet in general is great. Keeping it so quiet that you miss out on financial opportunities that could help you reach the next level is not.


MYTH: I can’t afford a financial planner.


FACT: Yes, you probably can. The pricing structure at Foxworthy Wealth Advisors is designed to match our fee with the complexity of the plan.  Whether an hourly consulting rate or module-based plan to a highly comprehensive strategy, our pricing is straight forward and transparent.  We assure you that you will always have all the information before you are expected to pay.